1. Preamble
The objective of the present Data Management Regulations is to observe and comply with the principles and regulations concerning the management of personal and other data of the users of the webpage provided upon the usage of the webpage and coming to the possession of the operators of the webpage. The effect of the present Regulation extends solely to the data provided to the operators of the webpage necessary for the usage of the site; its provisions do not concern the case if someone should make its own personal data or any part thereof public of their own accord on or with the help of the webpage.

2. Data
Certain services of the internet webpage are only available for users offering work after prior and voluntary user registration, and those seeking work may use certain services by uploading their CVs or by applying to the vacancies available. Upon registration, uploading the CV and by application to vacancies, the users may provide data that may be regarded as personal data based on Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information; therefore the management of such data shall be subject to the said legal regulation.

3. Registration
Upon user registration, the provision of the following data is a precondition of successful registration:
- name
- e-mail address
- an arbitrary password
- registered office/address of residence
Optional registration data :
- Facebook and LinkedIn IDs

The registered user offering work obliges itself to use the personal data provided in the CVs solely for the purpose of its own workforce recruitment procedure or that of its partner contracted for the same objective, not disclosing them to any third party whatsoever, and will take all reasonable action to prevent the said data from being used by others or for purposes other than stated above, i.e. to ensure their unviolated confidentiality.

The registered user offering work, in respect of the relevant legislative liabilities, is obliged to protect the personal data coming to its possession and their appropriate destruction after usage.

The registered user offering work is responsible for any damages resulting from the default of the above and for any other disadvantage and therefore acknowledges that the Data Manager will not be held responsible for such drawbacks and the Data Manager should be exonerated from such drawbacks and the damages caused should be compensated.

The registered user offering work undertakes to disclose exclusively the data of its contracted partner commissioning the user to recruit workforce or its own data in the advertised vacancies. By requesting access and by ordering the service, the user offering work automatically consents to the storage of its specified data at Javajob Europe Kft. as a Data Management database, and to the Data Manager managing the data within the framework of the services ordered without any further permission and countermove during the duration of the service.

The registered user offering work declares that the job vacancy contains personal data (e.g. the name and e-mail address of the contact person) and is in possession of the corresponding consent of the person in question.

The registered user offering work acknowledges that the Data Manager identifies the registered user offering work exclusively by its e-mail address provided.

The registered user offering work is responsible to keep the password provided upon registration confidential, and is obliged to protect the password from coming to possession of unauthorised persons.

The registered user offering work is solely responsible for failure to accomplish the above and in turn for the resulting damages. The registered user offering work is entitled, when logged in to its own account, to change its password using the change password option found therein. Amendment of the e-mail address is only possible by reconciling it with the Data Manager, whose cooperation will also be required.

The registered user offering work may not build a database from the data obtained from using the CV, the applications submitted for the vacancies and the documents downloaded and parts thereof. The registered user offering work is not authorised to transfer or assign the advertisement surface or part thereof to a third party; is only authorised to display in its system the advertisements of its own and of its clients offering work determined in the advertisement.

The registered user offering work may not transfer and may not provide to a third party the password subject to the present contract and the corresponding database access possibility generated by the present contract. The name of the registered user offering work - at the explicit request of the user offering work - and its logo, (together or separately) in the system and all associated communications (including, among others, advertisements and commercials) and the printed, electronic or other media, may be used as reference - together with its contracted partners or individually - and may be displayed and referenced. At the request of the registered user offering work, its logo will only be used if the registered user offering work provides it in electronic form.

The registered user offering work is not entitled to any remuneration whatsoever for the appearance of its logo and for the usage of its name as reference.

4. Personal data
The data corresponding to the affected person - especially information pertaining to the name, ID and one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identities of the person affected - and the conclusions that may be drawn all constitute personal data. Of the data provided upon user registration, only the name and the e-mail address may be regarded as personal data, given certain conditions (e.g. if the name and e-mail address are real). Upon uploading the CV, all data provided in the CV may be regarded as personal data. The Data Manager will not be held responsible for the quantity, adequacy and reality of the data provided in the CV. Upon using the webpage, the service provider providing the repository service to the Data Manager may come to possess certain data related to the user’s internet usage (e.g. IP address, etc.), which will not be managed by the Data Manager; the directives of the current repository service provider will govern this area.

5. The objective of Data Management
The objective of the Data Management is exclusively to promote the contact between the parties seeking and offering work and to enable communication in connection to the newsletter service. The Data Manager will not manage special personal data; should a user choose to make such detail public on the webpage, let the Data Manager know about it or state it in the database, the Data Manager is obliged to delete such information without delay. Should the user nevertheless provide personal data or special personal data in its messages or CV or upon application for a vacancy, the Data Manager shall understand that the user has explicitly consented to managing these data and the Data Manager reserves the right to delete such data without delay.

6. Consent to Data Management
Upon registration by the user, the upload of its CV or upon applying for an advertised job, the user explicitly consents to the Data Manager managing its mandatory registration data, those of the CV or those provided upon applying for a job advertisement.

7. Data security
The Data Manager strives to take all reasonable action in order to implement the security of the IT systems it uses, with special regard to the data stored on the webpage and the prevention of unauthorised access, but maintains that the IT tools containing the webpage are not operated by the Data Manager, meaning that the responsibility in this matter falls on the repository service provider.

8. Data and accessibility of the Data Manager

Name: Javajob Europe Kft. Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Registered address: H-5008 Szolnok, Radnóti u 10.
Company Registration Number: Cg.: 16-09-015419
Company registration: Court of Jász-Nagykun Szolnok County as Company Court
Tax identification number:24747518-2-16

9. Possibilities of legal remedy
The affected person may request information on the management of its personal data, may request their corrections, and – with the exception of the Data Management stipulated by legal regulations – may request deletion and closure at the e-mail address and by unsubscribing from the newsletter as well. Upon request by the affected person, the manager of the webpage as Data Manager may provide information on the data processed by the processing entity it commissioned, on the purpose of Data Management, its legal foundation, duration, the name and address (registered office) of the data processing entity and its activity related to Data Management and of who and with what specific purpose have received the data. Once annually, the Data Manager will, within the shortest possible delay but not later than 30 days after submission of the request, provide information free of charge in writing; further information will be provided against an administrative charge (covering the expenses of providing the service). If the repeated information should reveal that the Data Management was illegal or erroneous, the administrative charge will be refunded. The Data Manager will correct the data not compliant with reality and delete such data, provided:
- its management is against the law,
- the affected person so requests,
- the data is deficient or incorrect and the status may not be legally corrected,
- the purpose of Data Management has terminated and the deadline for data storage as stipulated by the law has expired,
- the court or the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information has ordered such action.

The Data Manager will notify the affected person and all parties to whom the data had formerly been forwarded for processing on the correction and deletion. The notification may be omitted if it does not violate the lawful interests of the affected person in relation to Data Management.

The affected person may object to management of its personal data if:
a) the management (forwarding) of the personal data is only necessary to assert the lawful interests of the Data Manager or the data receiver and for mandatory Data Management;
b) the personal data are being used or forwarded for purposes of direct business gain, public opinion research or scientific research;
c) the law otherwise allows exercising the right to object.
The Data Manager – with the simultaneous suspension of Data Management – shall examine the objection and inform the requestor in writing of its result as soon as possible, but not later than 15 days. Should the objection be valid, the Data Manager shall terminate the Data Management – including further data collection and data forwarding – and the data will be locked and the Data Manager will notify all those to whom the personal data subject to the objection in question had been formerly communicated to and who are obliged to act to enforce the right to objection of the said objection and the action taken. Should the affected person disagree with the decision of the Data Manager, the affected person is entitled – within 30 days of its communication – to seek remedy of the problem in court. Should the affected person disagree with the decision of the Data Manager, the affected person is entitled – within 30 days of its communication – to seek remedy of the problem in court. The Data Manager may not delete the data of the affected person if the Data Management is required by law. The data however may not be forwarded to the data receiver if it agreed with the requestor’s proposed objection and if the court has established the lawfulness of the objection. The Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information may be contacted to seek legal remedy:

Name: Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Address: H-1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c
Telephone: +36 (1) 391-1400
Fax: +36 (1) 391-1410